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Shannon Gedney


Nicole Swanson


Gerricca Lamarr


Amanda McCalden


Elaine Scarfo

Kim Vaughn

Kim Vaughan


Christian Greene


Mysti Mejia

Maureen Hart

Maureen Hart





Regional Managers

Mitch Berg


Lupe Bruneman 

Jorge Maldonado

Wendall Wells


Cullen Wright


Brad Gibson

Joanne French

Joanne French

Crystal Valdez

Crystal Valdez


Aaron Kleinman


Doug Marshall


Tim Jeans

Ruben Quintero

Ruben Quintero


Chris Demers

Greg Yamane

Greg Yamane

Chris Demers 

Jackson Linford

Larry Carroll 

Larry Carroll

Nikki Hogan 

Nikki Hogan

Brandon Herndon 

Brandon Herndon

Kris Fields 

Kris Fields


Executive Leadership Team

Darwin Hale, Founder/CEO

Jennifer Melreit, Agency Development Director  

Alissa Morris, Comptroller & Compliance

Jeff Crumbaugh, Director of Business Development





Initiatives Team

Shawn McGinty

Shawn McGinty, GA Relationships

Katie Stanley, Project Manager

Christina Lonigro

Christina Lonigro, Veteran’s Initiative

Karen McAllister

Karen McAllister, Public Relations Specialist

Jackleen Houchens

Jackleen Houchens, Retention Specialist

Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez, Project Manager

Max Griendling

Max Griendling


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"Working together to actively improve the health and quality of life for older Americans, families, and communities by moving from a focus on sickness and illness to one based on prevention and well-being."

Advocate Health, LLC - Our Vision

"Advocate is at my fingertips; I can make a phone a call and their professionally trained staff can answer all my questions. The service is excellent and efficient, and it helps me help my clients."

Jeff R. - New York

"Advocate is very efficient, number one, and very good to us. They answer all of our questions when we have them."

Jim H. - Florida

"After being in the insurance business for over 30 years, I can say the senior market is the best ever. And couple that with Advocate you have a winning combination. Everyone on the Advocate team has been very supportive. After four years with them my income has doubled and more. As you can see, I’m sold. "

Mike T. - Tennessee

"The relationship I have developed with Advocate Health over the last 5 years is based on integrity. They have always jumped in when there is trouble. I have always been paid on time. Advocate Health, LLC goes above and beyond. "

Mike D. - Louisiana

"I love working with Advocate. They’ve always helped me and supported me. I started with no existing client base, and over the last 5 years it has grown to over 200+ Humana customers thanks to them. I am in the process of moving from Louisiana to Florida, and I couldn’t do it without the freedom my renewals provide me."

Chris D. - Louisiana

"Advocate is an extension of our company. It’s as if you were sitting right here in the office next to me. It is so helpful and takes the burden off our staff. Advocate is competent, responsive, and professional."

Rick S. - South Carolina