Agent Services

Agent Services

Today, every individual and family must make important healthcare decisions. 

The issues surrounding healthcare are important, complex, time-sensitive, and constantly changing. Now, more than ever, prospective members need a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent to help them make these decisions.  

Agents must simultaneously stay current, serve their community, and grow their business in a compliant manner. There is not enough time in the day to accomplish all of these things let alone wait on hold or make multiple calls to a “help” desk while trying to service their membership. Agents need representation when dealing with large insurance carriers and need support to grow and serve their book of business.

Advocate Health, LLC is the perfect business partner for any new or established health insurance agent or agency. Our unmatched knowledge and experience gives agents an advantage to help individuals, families, and employers make informed and confident healthcare decisions. We believe in providing agent support through the lifecycle of an agent…before, during, and after the sale.


  • Strategic Recruiting: Targeted agent recruiting based on the opportunity and strength of products in the area.
  • Agent Contracting:  We facilitate the online contracting process to become contracted and appointed with Humana.  We help you avoid the pitfalls and glitches that delay others in completing the process.  Additionally, we ensure that you are loaded properly in Humana’s many systems and tools which avoids administrative complications such as commission issues in the future.
  • Training and Certification: We’ll help you through the necessary training and certification/recertification required to sell select Medicare Advantage products.  Each product has its own set of requirements.  We also offer ongoing training and education opportunities through Advocate University.
  • Customized Marketing Plan:  We synchronize the needs of the market with the individual agents’ goals and objectives.  This is a component of the Advocate Selling System.  As an example, if your income goal is $50,000, we can show the number of sales, appointments, and contacts you will need to reach this financial goal. 
  • Plan and Product Information:  Products and Plans change annually.  Rely on us for the most current and accurate information available. 


  • Leads and Marketing:  Ultimately, the goal is to build your business so that 80% of your sales come from referrals within your existing book of business.  We do this in an individualized, customized manner based on your personal preferences and ability, giving you more selling opportunities.  We will support you with mailers, seminars, compliant marketing materials, and other known best practices to reach your customers now and meet your income goal.
  • Enrollment and Application Assistance: We’ll help keep you compliant, and help with application completion and submission.
  • Plan Review: We’ll make sure you know all the products available in your area, details of available plans, how to find an in-network physician, and how to calculate the cost of prescription drugs under each plan.
  • Materials and Supplies: We’ll help make sure you have everything you need to make a compliant sale, and to take care of customers after the fact.


  • Manage Your Customer Base: We provide the support and assistance you need to care for your book of business including birthday, thank you, and congratulations cards, Annual Notice of Change meetings, and access to a Customer Relationship Management system. 
  • Checking the Status of an Application: We’ll help you check the status of any application, and if needed, follow-up to ensure your member’s policy is in force and that you are the Agent of Record.
  • Member Issues: We’ll guide you through addressing issues such as premium payments, plan and policy materials, and unpaid claims.
  • Commissions: We’ll provide you with statements and assist you with any commission inquires.  You may also choose to be paid directly by Advocate Health, LLC.  This arrangement allows us to provide additional benefits to our valued agents including co-marketing dollars, advances*, and detailed statements.   Direct deposit option is available.
  • Communications:  Stay informed!  Advocate Health’s regular email newsletters and website will provide you with timely, and useful information, news, tools, resources, and references.

No matter what you need as an agent with Advocate Health, LLC we are here to support your growth and success. Our team consists of dedicated, licensed support staff. Each member of our team is prepared to meet your needs and is ready to personally assist you.
Contact us to find out more about how we can help you and/or your insurance agency grow. We’re here now for your business and for the future.

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