Message from Darwin Hale, CEO

Dear Insurance Professional: 

Welcome to Advocate Health, LLC and congratulations on your decision to become a health and well-being advisor during this exciting and unprecedented time in our industry. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid, more than 100 million people need advice - and 10,000 more turn 65 every day. They need and deserve a trusted professional like you. Serving your community while growing your business is a great way to earn a living and realize the American Dream! 
Now is a critical time in your career and a defining moment toward your financial future. That is why we have taken the best practices of thousands of agents across the country and added a support package that provides what you need to succeed before, during, and after the sale. The main component to this comprehensive program is the Personalized Marketing Plan (PMP) and it will help you reach your financial objectives in a helpful and compliant manner. 

Your hard work combined with our relationships, support, and proven business model will help you start right and finish strong. The Key to your success is making your first sale shortly after graduation from certification school, and creating a Personalized Marketing Plan (PMP). Thank you for choosing Advocate and we look forward to a lasting and prosperous relationship. 

Darwin R. Hale 
CEO and Founder
Advocate Health, LLC 

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