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Agent Testimonials & Success Stories

"Advocate is an extension of our company. It’s as if you were sitting right here in the office next to me. It is so helpful and takes the burden off our staff. Advocate is competent, responsive, and professional."     Rick S., South Carolina

"After being in the insurance business for over 30 years, I can say the senior market is the best ever. And couple that with Advocate you have a winning combination. Everyone on the Advocate team has been very supportive. After four years with them my income has doubled and more. As you can see, I’m sold." - Mike T.,  Tennessee

"The relationship I have developed with Advocate Health over the last 5 years is based on integrity. They have always jumped in when there is trouble. I have always been paid on time. Advocate Health, LLC goes above and beyond." - Mike D.,  Louisiana

"I love working with Advocate. They’ve always helped me and supported me. I started with no existing client base, and over the last 5 years it has grown to over 200+ Humana customers thanks to them. I am in the process of moving from Louisiana to Florida, and I couldn’t do it without the freedom my renewals provide me." Chris D.,  Louisiana

"Advocate is at my fingertips; I can make a phone a call and their professionally trained staff can answer all my questions. The service is excellent and efficient, and it helps me help my clients." - Jeff R., New York

"Advocate is very efficient, number one, and very good to us. They answer all of our questions when we have them."- Jim H., Florida

"Insurance can be a tough business and a lot of hard work. Advocate Health has been more like a business partner for me, a partner that not only I trust, but one that invests in my success as an agent. Any problems or concerns I have had have always been handled professionally but swiftly, which is key in the business. In addition, Advocate Health has from a marketing perspective, provided me with avenues to increase my sales to levels beyond what I thought were possible." - Dewey B., Benton, LA 

"Advocate Health has helped me keep on track with my certification and compliance issues. Any questions that I may have had has been answered quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend them as a great partner in all of your Medicare and Federal Marketplace inquiries." George C., Cape Coral, FL

"The fact that you offer immediate assistance compared to other FMO's, frees me up for more time to concentrate on quality service and equates to more sales via client referrals. The fact that you showed your appreciation of my business (gift basket after AEP) tells me that you really acknowledge hard work. No other FMO has ever done this. Thank you." - Duane R., Lake Worth, FL 

"Someone is always there to step in and assist you, you get the feeling that there is a team of folks ready to assist you not just one individual." - Thomas G., Lake Mary, FL 

Very accessible. Advocate will work to put you in the best position possible to produce the best results. 

We had a situation where a client had purchased an off-exchange policy. Through no fault of the customer, the payments for the plan were sent to the wrong plan. The client was charged late fees, reinstatement fees, and other crazy fees on top of his $1000+ a month premium. This went on for months and months with our agency calling the company everyday, with no resolution. finally, we contacted Advocate, and with the help of Tara K, were able to have the issue resolved in a very short period of time. Tara got on a three way call with us, the client and the company and was able to reverse the extra charges, have the policy reinstated and get the original effective date applied. The customer was able to witness the exchange, and was very impressed with Advocate's ability to resolve the matter which had been ongoing for months. Everybody is happy and we love Advocate!

I have had a great experience working with Advocate, every time that we have a question or need an answer regarding an application or commission we email and get a respond within 24 hours. Advocate is very reliable. It has been great working with Advocate, looking forward to many more great years.

Advocate Health is the best agency I have ever worked with. They helped me get involved with Medicare Advantage in a much bigger way than I had ever done before. Thanks to Advocate Health, my income has tripled. 

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